After placing your order, you will receive an automated email from us within 5 to 10 business days. This email contains your order’s tracking ID, which you can use to monitor your package’s progress and estimated delivery time.

In case you haven’t received the email yet, it means your order has yet to be shipped. Rest assured, we are working diligently to process your order and get it to you as soon as possible.

If it has been more than 10 business days after your order’s confirmation date and you still haven’t received any email from us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Our customer support team is ready to help you with any concerns you may have.
This will direct you to your parcel’s current status.
NOTE: If the status shows to be ‘Not Found’, this may be because the courier selected is incorrect. Please ensure that the shipping courier is correct.
Please scroll down to view our Tracking ID guide.

If the problem persists and your tracking status shows to be ‘Not Found’ or has no update for several days, please contact us and we will assist.

Tracking ID Guide

Kindly refer to the table below as a guide to your Tracking ID’s respective shipping courier.
The shipping couriers displayed above are the most common services we use to deliver your orders. There may be instances where we use another service to deliver to you. Please be assured that we ensure to use the best courier at the time of shipping, as well as your location.